Lower Bodywork

This weekend I worked on the bodywork in areas that will be painted blue. It looks like a lot of filler by area, but by volume and thickness it’s not much; just a skim coat to smooth out areas were metal repairs were done and parking lot dents. The top is now mostly masked in preparation for the endless loop of priming & sanding that will soon occur.coats of high-build primer that will soon be painted on the bottom. Once that’s complete it will be time for blue paint followed by reassembly.
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Miscellaneous Cleaning/Painting/Polishing

Several key parts for reassembling the reduction boxes and rear brakes are still on their transcontinental journey. In the mean time I’ve: thoroughly cleaned all of the gunk off of the inside and outside of the fuel tank and repainted it, polished more aluminum trim, stripped many sunroof parts, and blasted/painted some other random parts.
Fuel Tank Repainted Trim Polished Trim Polished Sunroof Bows Stripped Brake Drum Painted

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Engine Parts Painted and Engine Assembly

Engine parts painted and then engine assembled.
Engine Parts Painted Engine Assembled

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Engine Parts Primed

Small Parts Primed

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Big Parts Blasted

Today the remaining unblasted parts that were too big for the blast cabinet were media blasted outside. The parts were then hung up and primed. Many of these parts will be black, I should have the black paint completed in the next few days.

Blasting big parts Parts after blasting Parts ready for paint

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Engine Parts Ready for Paint

Engine parts made ready for paint. Some various other things done also, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures recently.
Engine parts ready for paint Engine parts ready for paint

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Engine Parts Blasted

Many engine parts media blasted today.

Engine Parts Blasted Engine Parts Blasted Engine Parts Blasted

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Front Left Wheel Well

Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, with the same treatment (clean/etch/paint & spindle flip) being given to the front left wheel well. Pictured below is the, now dried, front left wheel well. The end result with both flipped spindles is shown at right. It’s tough to fully picture since it’s on ramps and the bumper isn’t installed, but this looks like it will be a good height.

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Front Right Wheel Well

Today I worked almost exclusively on the front right wheel well. The area had several unground welds from previous work on the front and rear floors. These welds were ground down and then the entire area was cleaned/etched/painted. To make access easier I first removed the brake/spindle assembly; I needed to do this anyhow in order to ‘flip’ the spindle to achieve a lowering effect. Flipping the spindle lowers the bus by about 3.5″ and closes up the wheel opening to top of tire gap, it also improves handling and just generally looks better. Going back to stock height would only require performing the same procedure in reverse.

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Transmission Tunnel Painted

Today the transmission tunnel was more thoroughly cleaned then etched with phosphoric acid and coated with POR15. This was very time consuming due to the many weird angles and hidden areas involved. Prior to cleaning/painting the many dents/dints to the underside of the transmission cradle were fixed.

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