1967 VW Bus Restoration

The bus project really started prior to graduation from RIT when Christina and I became interested in VW buses. My interest was due mainly to the uniqueness of the design. With a rear engine, air cooling, and front seats that sit on top of the front wheels, it’s like nothing before or since: much more like a scaled down city bus than a modern minivan. We knew we wanted an earlier “split window” pre-1968 bus, and had a strong preference towards the “21 window” deluxe and “walk-through” options. I began casually searching, but most everything I ran across was too far away, too pricy, too incomplete, or without title.

In early 2008 I ran across a 1967 bus that, on top of being a 21 window walk-though, was also local. We checked it out and jumped at the chance. Over the following four years the project took shape. There were many months-long and even one or two year-long gaps during this time due to busy schedule and/or other interests (it’s a hobby, after all). Progress accelerated greatly towards the end of the project as I saw it would be possible (just barely) to get it on the road and be a part of Christina and I’s wedding.

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As restoration projects go, costs were kept fairly reasonable by doing absolutely everything myself. Anything I didn’t know about I used as an opportunity to learn. Paint/Body/Metal/Engine/Transmission/Sewing/Everything: it was just me and the bus (and occasionally me vs the bus) in the garage from the time it slid off (it wouldn’t even roll off) of the tow truck until I first drove it out of the driveway.

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And here’s the result…

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