Engine Parts Painted and Engine Assembly

Engine parts painted and then engine assembled.
Engine Parts Painted Engine Assembled

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Engine Parts Primed

Small Parts Primed

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Big Parts Blasted

Today the remaining unblasted parts that were too big for the blast cabinet were media blasted outside. The parts were then hung up and primed. Many of these parts will be black, I should have the black paint completed in the next few days.

Blasting big parts Parts after blasting Parts ready for paint

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Engine Parts Ready for Paint

Engine parts made ready for paint. Some various other things done also, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures recently.
Engine parts ready for paint Engine parts ready for paint

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Engine Parts Blasted

Many engine parts media blasted today.

Engine Parts Blasted Engine Parts Blasted Engine Parts Blasted

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Engine Cleaned

I cleaned the engine and checked everything out. I had noticed that it would lock up just short of completing a full rev so I pulled the cylinder heads and discovered a small piece of metal in cylinder #2. The origins of this piece of metal are unclear but there is no damage anywhere, so it does not appear that this happened while it was running. The intake manifold has been off for some time now so the metal piece probably just fell into the open intake port. Overall it’s in great shape with very little wear and good compression, I have a gasket kit on the way since some of the seals are questionable and they’re much easier to replace now then when everything is back together.

Best of all, the lightweight magnesium construction means I can, for now at least, move it around by hand.

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Crank Pulley Cover Repair

It’s unclear exactly what happened to the crank pulley cover that caused the damage seen; either the cover was adjusted too far in or the cover was bent inwards. The misalignment caused the crank pulley to wear a semicircular slot into the crank pulley cover. The slot was welded closed and the various other dents were smoothed out.

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Engine Tins Media Blasted

Work began on the various sheetmetal parts (known in VW vernacular as “tins”) that direct air to and through the cylinder cooling fins. Being aircooled instead of watercooled, this is one area where the bus has much more in common with a modern light aircraft than any modern road vehicle. These parts are all thin steel and have been exposed to years of extreme vibration and temperature fluctuations; because of this there were many stress cracked spots that required welding.

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Engine removed, cleaning begins

The engine was removed and cleaning began on the engine bay. There’s a thick coating, up to an inch in some places, of muddy grime that’s covering both the lower and upper engine/transmission areas. The engine removal took less than 15min and it’s easy to carry around, cleaning will take much longer.

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Timing belt, clutch, serpentine belt, and water pump replaced on the Jetta this weekend…

…so not much bus stuff happened.

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