First Paint on Body!

I haven’t updated in a while; there has been some undocumented progress prior to today however work on the bus was mostly stopped while outdoor spring projects were completed at the house/yard.

Various small parts have been painted prior to this, but this is the first paint on the body shell in 45yrs, so it’s a real milestone. I choose the front dash and nose area because #1 it’s one of the more intricate areas and if I’m having to wetsand/polish anyhow then I may as well start there; potentially if I get good enough with the paint gun later there will be minimal wetsanding/polishing needed on the large flat areas. And #2, the front area has the most accessory pieces over the paint then anywhere else (emblems, gauges, etc.) and if there’s any problem with paint thickness or part fitment I’d rather see it now when it’s easier to fix.

Overall the clarity is good after some extensive wetsanding and polishing, since it’s warmer now I’ll have to dial back on the amount of reducer next time so there are fewer runs to sand out. I let the white blow freely over the body line, this way there is a soft edge for when the blue is sprayed below. Otherwise I’d either have to match two edges perfectly, or there would be a ridge visible under the blue paint.

I couldn’t resist installing the emblem, clock, window weatherstripping, wipers, and even the “one-eyed duck” that holds the wipers away from the safari windows. These will all come off again to be protected from overspray, but it was good to see a few areas look ‘finished’ for the first time.

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