Another Project Re-boot

There was yet another months-long project hiatus due to miscellaneous other projects (the house/yard, the ‘modern’ VWs, etc.) and business trips. I’m now re-launching the project. Recent progress:

– Shifter linkage installed and working
– All brake components installed
– Parking brake connected and working
– Clutch linkage connected and working
– Initial brake bleeding complete, but still needs some improvement

The plan now is to just get it running so I can easily bring it in and out of the garage to finish the blue paint on the exterior. This will mean that the engine compartment will have to be completed some other time; but that’s OK, I’m sure to have it out again at some point and it’s easy enough to remove anyways.

– Finish bleeding brakes and adjusting brake shoes
– Install driver side steering tie rod and perform crude alignment
– Install steering wheel
– Install driver’s seat
– Install fuel tank
– Install engine
– Install battery and hookup electrical components

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