Part Test Assembly, Front Door Progress

The passenger front door got a coat of high build primer over the body work and was wetsanded, it’s now ready for blue paint once a few areas inside the door jambs are finished. A final coat of white was added to the rear bumper and steering wheel. The steering wheel center was dry enough to test fit the horn button; this was polished a month or so ago and although it’s not perfect it is original to the bus and looks much better than the starting point or any reproduction. See the first post on the site (7/1/2009) for an idea of what this originally looked like. I also test fit the popout window frames to the glass and seal; this worked well and window assembly should go smoothly once all the frames are ready. The front bumper is now ready for wetsanding/polishing, and assembly; one of the trim pieces was polished and turned out very nicely.

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