See Blau!

Half of the nose received a few coats of see blau (lake blue AKA sea blue) today. This was done to prove the taping method prior to painting the rest of the bus, and also as a test of a new spray gun. The new spray gun performs substantially better and I’m able to leave much less orange peel and runs with it. The area is first masked with regular painter’s tape, staying about 1/8″ away from the trim line. After the regular painter’s tape is on it’s followed up with 1/4″ flexible fine line tape flush with the trim line and overlapping the painter’s tape. The smaller fine line tape is much easier to peel off of the wet tape without making a mess, and that’s possible to do since it ends up on top using this method. This also leaves the edge of the masking tape dry, making it easier to remove cleanly. (The white area has been wetsanded in preparation for polishing, which is why it isn’t yet as shiny as the freshly painted blue area)

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