2011 Golf Rebuild

I had been keeping an eye out online for a very specific car: 2010+ 4dr golf TDI w/ sunroof and 6spd, in any color other than the ubiquitous VW silver. Each of these criteria alone are the low-volume options in the US; in combination it means that there are only a few for sale anywhere along the east coast at a given time. So when I did occasionally see one it was either exorbitantly priced or wrecked beyond repair. When I came across this one with relatively superficial damage at a reasonable price I went for it and spent a few weeks of nights/weekends bringing it back to new. In this case I had a body shop do the paint since I’m not ready to venture into metallic painting yet; runs cannot be wet-sanded out of metallic paint like they can on the bus’s non-metallic paint.

The summer has also been busy with traveling and house/yard projects, hopefully I’ll get back to working on the bus soon.

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