Roadtrip: Pickup Backseat

I drove down to Wilmington today (not in the bus though) to pickup a backseat. It’s from a “bay window” era bus, but the only real difference between the bay window and split window back seats is the position/shape of the seat’s middle leg. Lucky for me the middle leg on this particular seat had been cut off. I couldn’t leave it off since the seat would eventually bend in the middle, and this had already started to occur. I bent the seat back to straight, bent some steel tubing to the correct shape; and welded the leg on. After this was complete, I installed it and all the mounting holes lined up! The vinyl is not up to par and is the wrong color/style for a split window bus; it will get re-covered once the rest of the seats are acquired. Now I only need a few more seat belts and it will be a 5-seater instead of a 2-seater.

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