Crawlspace Door

One side of the house had a site-built wooden door. This always bugged me since it’s the only place on the house where wood extended below the wall’s sill plate – everywhere else it was masonry or metal only. This door was vulnerable to rot/termites and also didn’t seal well (mouse risk), so I have been keeping an eye out for a better replacement – with the concrete/drainage being finished in the area this door is the last part of the overall project to remodel the area.

I found a used electrical control panel online that was the correct height, but slightly too wide. Since this was the closest match I had seen and since it was local I picked it up. I first cut the back out of it to the correct depth, then cut a section out of the panel and one of the doors before welding it back together. The door got some minor filler before everything was sanded and painted. The door was then caulked in place and new weatherstripping installed.

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